Eine Überprüfung der Stuttgart

Eine Überprüfung der Stuttgart

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Stuttgart's viticulture, first documented in the Holy Roman Empire in the year AD 1108,[31] kept people rein the area of that stud farm for some time, but the area was still largely overshadowed by nearby Cannstatt because of its role as a local crossroad for many major European trade routes.[35] Nevertheless, the existence of a settlement here (despite the terrain being more suited for that Urfassung stud farm) during the High Middle Ages is provided by a gift registry from Hirsau Abbey dated to around 1160 that mentions a "Hugo de Stuokarten".

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Killesbergpark with fountains and vineyards hinein the background At the center of Stuttgart lies a series of gardens which are popular with families and cyclists. Because of its shape on a map, the locals refer to it as the Green U. The Green U starts with the old Schlossgarten, castle gardens first mentioned rein records hinein 1350.

On 25 April 1952, the other two parts of the former German states of Baden and Württemberg, South Baden and Württemberg-Hohenzollern merged and formed the modern German state of Baden-Württemberg, with Stuttgart as its capital.[110] Since the 1950s, Stuttgart has been the third largest city rein southern Germany behind Frankfurt and Munich. The city's Artbestand, halved by the Second World War, began sudden growth with the mass influx of German refugees expelled from their homes and communities by the Soviets from the late 1940s until 1950 to the city.

The city offers two Broadway-style musical theatres, the Apollo and the Palladium Aufführung (each approx. 1800 seats). Ludwigsburg Palace rein the nearby town of Ludwigsburg is also used throughout the year as a venue for concerts and cultural events.

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The city is not considered a traditional university city, but nevertheless has a variety of institutions of higher education. The most significant of them are:

The semi-detached homes designed by Le Corbusier, one of the most influential architects of the Twentieth Century, shows the aesthetic, social and technical upheavals of the Moderne.

The Old Castle is also home to the State Museum of Württemberg which was founded rein 1862 by William I of Württemberg. The museum traces the rich history of Württemberg with many artifacts from its dukes, counts and kings, as well as earlier remnants dating back to the Stone Age.

The fortunes of get more info Stuttgart turned with those of the House of Württemberg, and they made it the capital of their county, duchy, and kingdom from the 15th century to 1918. Stuttgart prospered despite setbacks rein the Thirty Years' War and devastating air raids by the Allies on the city and its automobile production during World War II. However, by 1952, the city had bounced back and became the major cultural, economic, industrial, financial, tourism and publishing centre it is today.[20]

In spite of its name, the "Burg" welches never the seat of a noble family. It was the citizens who, when constructing their town fortification, built parte of the wall up the hillside – and therefore prevented a possible enemy from taking advantage of the favourable attacking position.

The Staatsoper Stuttgart is one of Europe's foremost opera houses and at the same time a branch of Europe's largest tripartite theatre. The Staatsoper repeatedly provides important impulses for today's music theatre scene and enjoys a reputation as one of the world's leading opera houses.

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Hinein the 17th century the city welches the third largest German wine-growing community rein the Holy Roman Empire. Wine remained Stuttgart's leading source of income well into the 19th century.

'The Blues', Stuttgarter Kickers, are the second most important football Mannschaft; their most successful years date back to the time when young Jürgen Klinsmann started his career as forward in their team.

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